Uh-oh! A couple years ago Leighton Meester filmed a porn with a friend of hers, and by all accounts the luscious brunette is a total freak. Those who have seen it have remarked on her "talented feet", a tantalizing description of what is sure to be an alluring porn video. Known for her sexy, gorgeous body and extremely pretty smile and white teeth, Leighton Meester is the total opposite of what most celebrities who make sex tapes are. She has a certain innocence to her which Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian never had, which makes the fact that she has a sex tape available for download soon just that much more appealing.

Unfortunately for her, with the porno being a couple years old it pretty much means her boyfiend, Sebastian Stan, is going to get burned. It's got to be a huge ordeal to date someone who just had a sex taped leaked, all the more so when she's doing sexy acts with her feet, of all things! Unlike many sextape rumors, this one seems to be the real deal, with many companies in California scrambling to get rights to the video. Soon, it will be out on market, ready to download!

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